Erase Bad Credit And Clean Up Your Credit Report

Published: 11th July 2012
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In today's economy as a result of the mortgage collapse, banks have drastically changed their approval requirements. In the past when you could get approved for financing with no money down, no income verification, employment check, and a bad credit score are long gone! Now when you apply for financing a purchase, if your credit score is below a 700 you will often be denied.

One of the most common reasons a credit score is lowered is because negative information is on the credit report. According to FICO the national credit scoring company that determines and provides your credit score. Your payment history which is the same thing as your credit history, is one of the most important pieces of information when your credit score is calculated. It is responsiple for 35% of your overall score in the formula FICO uses to determine your credit score.

How Can You Erase Bad Credit Items On Your Credit Report

Congress has provided you the tools to erase bad credit, in the form of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is a federal law that gives you the power to dispute any item on your credit report. The legal standard for you to file a credit report dispute, is simply you believe the item is questionable or a mistake.

In other words it is not illegal and you will never face any criminal or legal prosecution for disputing an item on your credit report! It is you right to file a credit report dispute, and this right is protected by federal law just like your right to vote.

It's a good thing that Congress passed this law because if not you would have all sorts of incorrect information on your credit report. Experts estimate that one in every four credit reports contain an error, and if you then consider lender and customer disputes you have some more at least questionable items.

The first step you need to take to erase bad credit is to get an updated copy of your credit report from all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Next you need to identify what items you believe are inaccurate or questionable on each report, and the items you want to dispute.

You are going to have to either write a credit dispute letter and mail it to each credit bureau or you can hire a professional to perform the dispute process on your behalf. Frequently individuals turn to a professional because the credit bureaus will respond to your dispute in hopes of frustrating you and getting you to give up on your dispute.

However it is federal law that the credit bureaus do follow up and investigate consumer disputes. The credit bureaus have actually been fined by the FTC for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by avoiding consumer disputes as recently as the year 2001.

The credit bureaus agreed to collectively pay a $2.5 million FTC fine because they had ignored phone calls to the toll free 1-800 the credit bureaus have posted online and because the bureaus made other consumers wait an unreasonable amount of time.

Make sure you take action to protect your credit report and use all your government given rights to erase bad credit marks that are incorrect, inaccurate, or unverifiable. Stop paying the high cost both financially and personally for having bad credit and get started today.


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